Thomas Howe
President and Executive Producer

Thomas Howe has worked in the broadcasting and production business for more than thirty years. A graduate from Concordia University in Communications Arts, Howe worked for several years in the educational film business, and then founded THA Media Ltd. in 1979. During the 1980s the company represented many leading international media companies, including Channel Four, Carlton Communications, Southern Star and many others. In 1990 Howe joined the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as Director of Independent Productions and Acquisitions. A year later Howe added International Sales to his portfolio, and eventually International co-productions. Between 1995 and 1999 Howe served as Senior Director, International Sales, Acquisitions, and Co-Productions. He was a senior member of CBC’s management team. Howe returned as President of Thomas Howe Associates Inc. in 2000 and since that time the company has provided consulting, production and distribution services to a variety of companies including ITV Global Entertainment, Alliance Films, and Dreamworks Animations. In 2009 Howe became Executive Producer of Undercover Boss Canada. Since then the company has produced numerous series for Canadian broadcasters..


Penny Wheelwright
Executive Vice President

Penny Wheelwright is an award-winning documentary producer and writer. As co-founder of Starry Night Productions Inc., Penny brought to television The Other Side of The Picture, Under Wraps, A Rough Crossing and Teen Rebel/Teen Mom. Her films have been broadcast around the world and extensively in Canada. Wheelwright Ink Ltd., formed in 1988, went on to produce The Orkney Lad: The Story of Isabel Gunn, Hair, There and Everywhere, A Spy’s Life: Kitty Harris and Captive: The Story of Esther. Her films have won many festival awards including the National Educational Film and Video Gold Apple, the Houston Worldfest Gold, the NY Festival Silver and the Columbus International “The Chris”. In addition, Under Wraps was nominated for a Distinguished Documentary Achievement Award by the Independent Documentary Association and has been screened at the prestigious Margaret Mead Festival in New York, the Barcelona Film Festival, the Singapore Film Festival, the Hot Docs Festival in Toronto and the Vancouver Film Festival. Most recently, Penny has been co-Executive Producer of Employable Me, and various other roles, including corporate casting on Undercover Boss Canada, Be The Boss Canada, and the original format Fix My Franchise.


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