Welcome to… Thomas Howe Associates Inc.

THA is a media production and distribution company based in Toronto Canada. The company started in 1979 and has represented a number of Canadian and International producers and distributors over the past 30 years, including Channel Four International, ITV, Carlton Communications, Hallmark, Eagle Rock Entertainment, Classic Media and many others.

The company brought Canadian productions to the international marketplace from acclaimed producers including Corus Entertainment, Wheelwright Ink, Michael MacLear, Judy Jackson and many other award-winning producers.

Thomas Howe was the Executive Producer of Undercover Boss Canada, and Be The Boss Canada, both series for Corus Entertainment based on formats devised by Studio Lambert, licensed from All3Media International. The company was also behind The People’s Couch (Gogglebox format), and multiple series of Employable Me.

THA has also been involved in a number of International co-productions, including most recently Treks In A Wild World (Canada-UK) (Canada-UK), and Clay’s P.O.V. (Canada – Czech Republic).